All You Need to Know About European Super league

Yesterday 12 big European clubs released a joint press release indication their intention to form their own league that they will call European Super League.

After that announcement, most, UEFA, FIFA, TV pundits, and fans have been losing sleep and their mind, that is why I decided to write about what we know up to this moment. 

What is the European Super League?

What we know about the super league

What is the European Super League?

The Super League would be a 20-team league made up of 15 permanent members with the remaining five members of the league comprised of teams that qualified through domestic European League competition.

What are the 12 super league founding clubs

These are the 12 super league founding members.

AC Milan   From Italy 

Arsenal    From England

Atletico Madrid   From Spain

Chelsea     From England

Barcelona   From Spain

Inter Milan   From Italy 

Juventus  From Italy 

Liverpool   From England

Manchester City  From England

Manchester United From England

Real Madrid From Spain

Tottenham Hotspur From England

It anticipated that 3 more clubs will join the list of founding clubs, my guess is that those three clubs are 

Bayern Munich From German

Borussia Dortmund From german

Paris Saint Germain From France.

These three clubs are opposing the proposition but they are expected to join other big clubs.


The Format of the League

  • 20 participating clubs with 15 Founding Clubs and a qualifying mechanism for a further five teams to qualify annually based on achievements in the prior season.
  • Midweek fixtures with all participating clubs continuing to compete in their respective national leagues, preserving the traditional domestic match calendar which remains at the heart of the club game.
  • An August start with clubs participating in two groups of ten, playing home and away fixtures, with the top three in each group automatically qualifying for the quarter-finals. Teams finishing fourth and fifth will then compete in a two-legged play-off for the remaining quarter-final positions. A two-leg knockout format will be used to reach the final at the end of May, which will be staged as a single fixture at a neutral venue.

Who will fund the super league?

According to Yahoo Finance, JPMorgan Chase (JPM), the American financial company, is behind the financing of the European Super League. Funding for the new competition is said to total between $3.8bn (£2.7bn) and $5bn.

Will super league affect domestic leagues?

The original plan of the super league is to play mid-week and leave weekends for the domestic leagues, in the statement they call it a fundamental of club football.

But in terms of quality, it will affect domestic leagues, since the economic gap between the top clubs and small clubs will be even huge, and basically the founding clubs will not have to qualify for the super leaguer, the qualification is automatic, this will reduce the competitiveness of the domestic leagues.

The leadership team

The leadership team will be composed of a chairman and 4 vice-chairmen.


Fiorentino Perez From Real Madrid

Vice chairmen

Joel Glazel From Manchester United

John Henry From Liverpool

Stan Kroenke From Arsenal

Andrea Agnelli From Juventus


There are reactions from everywhere fans, FIFA, UEFA, Football Associations.


Most fans are outraged by the decision, being a soccer fan myself I understand that, this league is monopolizing soccer and it is not good for football in general.

Soccer Pundits

Most of there are hypocrites, they work in organizations that do the same thing, not long time ago Sky Sports wanted to charge fans 15 pounds to watch one soccer game on TV, not per week or per month one soccer game and they said nothing.

These companies change schedules and arrange games in difficult times without the consideration of the fans, today they want us to believe they are fighting for the funs, not true they are just trying to protect their companies’ pockets.


Soccer associations are considering kicking out all clubs that will participate in domestic leagues, and FIFA and UEFA will ban players who participate in these competitions from any national competitions, including the EUROS and the world cup.

Kicking out big teams from domestic leagues or banning big players from participating in Euros and the world cup will only reduce the amount of sponsorship and views, this will affect their income, for me, it is a very bad move.

These organization there are not fighting for the fan, they are fighting for the money in their pockets that now is going to different pockets.

Final words

That is all we know for now about the European Super League. I will publish more information about this when we know more, thank you for reading.



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