Arsenal Sign Leo Messo

Arsenal announced the signing of a football wonder kid Leo Messo, and it brought confusion among internet users as the name resembles a certain football genius named Lionel Messi.


The confusion is due to the fact that Lionel Messi is not yet to commit his future with Barcelona and at this moment he can sign a pre-agreement with any team outside la Liga. 

So when some fans saw the news that Leo Messo signed for Arsenal, their mind went directly to the Messi situation, but the reality is that Arsenal signed a young 10 years kid from Kenya.

Who is Leo Messo?



The kid was born in a small village in Kenya called Siaya, he is just 10 years old and he plays as a center forward number 9.

According to reports, he is a very good striker for his age, he is a special talent and he has a good eye for a goal, that is the reason Arsenal snapped him from West Ham academy.

Most Kenyan I spoke with online have a huge expectation on the kid, most of them think that he will become the star for their national team, Harambee Stars.

What I saw when I googled him

When I first saw the news that Arsenal signed him, my first instinct was to google the kid, the strange thing is that all the results on the first page of Google were about Lionel Messi.

leo messo

Even after adding Leo Messo Kenya, still, the same results, hope the youngster will develop and be a success at Arsenal and his name dominate in the football community.

The signing of this Kenyan kid is an effort of the academy manager to find new talents the Arsenal academy the Hale end.

Will Leo follow the footsteps of the likes of Saka, Smith Rowe, and others and establish himself as a regular first-team member in the future? we do not know, time will tell.




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