Using Strength Training for Children

What many sports medicine professionals realize that parents do not is that strength training can do so much more for your child than simply giving them muscle mass.

Important in helping to ward off injuries as well as building overall strength a proper strength training program can benefit your child both in long term and short term goals.

From the very first athletic attempt, your child has, to the very last having the strength necessary to execute the sport effectively is one of their single most important needs.

Ensuring the proper strength levels can be beneficial in both normal lives, as well as the athletic field and provides a great way for children to help avoid injury as well as create healthy strength habits for life. While the exact type of strength training varies from child to child, the far-reaching benefits are attainable to everyone.

Using Strength Training for Children

Regardless of whether your child is playing soccer, basketball, football, or even running track or swimming having the proper muscle strength necessary can often help avoid overuse injuries that are so prevalent amongst young children.

Forcing the muscles to strengthen up allows the muscles to work harder before an injury occurs. Experts have all agreed on the children as young as six can safely work on strength training when closely monitored by an adult.

The ability to start strength training at such a young age helps to ensure that while children are busy learning about sports, they are also able to embrace the benefits of proper safety precautions rather than merely learning how to treat injuries.

While not all children become huge fans of strength training it is still a wise idea to teach it.

Overall, it is very important for the adults involved in strength training to closely monitor the child. The sports medicine doctor working together with a fitness coach can usually advise about the correct amount of time as well as repetitions for each exercise to ensure that the maximum benefits are achieved, without potentially causing the child injury.

It is vital to also ensure that your child understands exactly what is expected of them. While the idea of allowing a young child to live weights may not seem appealing to many, it is something that does appeal to others.

However, setting limits to the amount lifted, as well as how long is very important to ensure that the child is not injured in any way.

Parents can also work with children and a fitness coach to work out the best strength routine for them based upon age, sports, and body type.

It is important to only allow a child to engage in strength training with proper supervision both by a doctor and by a knowledgeable trainer.

Your child’s doctor should be aware that strength training is going to be occurring before your child starts so that a thorough check-up can be conducted to ensure that your child is well enough to handle the rigors of strength training.

Another consideration that is very important is the equipment that your child uses. Most sports medicine professionals can agree that while a child is encouraged to engage in strength training they should almost always avoid using the same equipment as adults.

Instead, it is vital that children engage in exercises and training that are designed for their smaller bodies. Most children are not big enough to safely use the adult-sized equipment.

It is essential that you find a gym that can accommodate your child has needs, or consider purchasing small sets of weights for your home.

With proper precautions, and careful supervision strength training for children can reduce the number of injuries, increase strength, improve endurance and provide excellent health benefits overall.

By focusing on age-appropriate exercises and ensuring that your child is properly supervised you can be assured that you are helping your child develop into the strongest possible while fighting off injuries and other problems.

Why do Manchester United fans hate the Glazer family?

We have seen Manchester United fans protesting against owners, the protest was so big as it caused their match against Liverpool to be suspended.

Last week’s protest was not the first fan protest against the owner, Some Manchester United fans opposed Glazer’s takeover of the club, particularly once they realized the level of debt that the club would have to take on after having been debt-free for so many years

In this post, I am going to look at why do manchester United fans hate the Glazer famililly.

Why do Manchester United fans hate the Glazer family?

Bought the club under debt

When the Glazer family took over United they did so with loans and hedge funds – a leveraged takeover. They didn’t actually put their hands into their own pockets to complete the purchase.

From a financial point of view, Glazers are smart. Imagine you buying a house but in order to pay the house you get a loan from the bank, and you rent that house to other people you collect the rent, use that rent to pay your monthly loan payment and the extra money you put in your pocket, that is smart.

But when you look at fans’ point of view they put the club under an unnecessary loan.

Season ticket hikes

Immediately after taking over, the Glazers made a habit of hiking the season ticket prices every season. Given the aforementioned information, it probably comes as no real surprise. They wanted to pay the debt.

Broken promises

When the Glazers took the club, they promised the fans to put a lot of money into the club, they did the opposite, the reports indicate that they have taken more than 1 billion dollars out of the club.

There is a small investment in the academy and the playing field, no maintenance of Old Trafford, all these broken promised made the relationship between the Glazers and the Manchester United fans worse.

Lack of football knowledge

Ed Woodward

One of the complaints from Manchester United fans is that there no football people at the board level.

There’s actually no denying that Ed Woodward is good on the money side of the business, he managed to get the best deal for the club. But when it comes to football, I am not sure.

This comes back to the fact the Glazers, and Woodward, are not football fans. Would the club be in the position it is now with a clever businessman born and raised in Stretford in charge? Almost certainly not.

European Super League

What is the European Super League?

Manchester United was one of the founders of the super league, even though the owners have withdrawn from it and issued an apology, most united fans are still angry about the issue, and for them, this was the last straw and they want the Glazers out.

Final words

Manchester United fans have the right to voice their opinion and discontent against their owners, but the owners will listen and sell the club? Even if they sell the club how the next owner will be, for me changing the ownership from one Billionaire to another is not the simplest solution.

Why Chelsea Improved Under Thomas Tuchel

Since Thomas Tuchel took charge at Chelsea, the team has improved a lot, they are in the final of champions league after beating Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, they in the FA cup final after beating Manchester City (by the way they have beaten them twice already under Tuchel and they are in course of making top 4 which seems impossible few months ago.

Why Chelsea Improved Under Thomas Tuchel

Five reasons why Chelsea has improved a lot under Thomas Tuchel.

So these are my five reasons why Chelsea has improved a lot under Thomas Tuchel.

1. Improved defense

One of the improvements the german has made to this Chelsea side is that they are solid at the back, they are playing as a unit and they are very organized as a result they concede few goals.

Using three center backs in the 3-4-3 has worked wonder for Tuchel, this is not the first time Chelsea has done that, I remember them using the same system under Antonio Conte and they managed to win the premier league with the same system, how long it will take for other teams to find the workaround it? I do not know but for now, it is working.

2. The role of Kante

Ngolo Kante

Most people consider Ngolo Kante as a defensive midfielder, but when Mauricio Sarri went to Chelsea, he started playing him a little bit further.

Tuchel plays Kante in the same position that he used to play under Sarri and it is fair to say that the player has gone one step up in this game. 

I watched him play in the two Chelsea games in the semifinal against Real Madrid, he controlled that game, he made one of the best midfield units in Europe look very average, he was a man of the match in both games.

His improvement has made this Chelsea side a better team.

3. Clear game plan

One of the most frustrating things about Frank Lampard’s Chelsea was a lack of a plan, some time I was watching the game and struggling to see exactly what they are trying to do.

Under Tuchel, Chelsea has a game plan, you can see a play pattern and every player seems to know what is their role in the game.

4. Consistency

They say that consistency is the key to any success, Frank Lampard used to chop and change a lot of his starting lineup and formation, this led to confusion among the players.

This seems to disappear under Tuchel again every player seems to know their role, also I hear that even players that are not playing at the moment know exactly why they are not being picked and what the coaching staff is expecting from them.

5. The new manager bounce

When there is a new manager in town players tend to react and play better, I remember when Ole Gunner was at the wheel, or when Arsenal thought they were going to win the league when Unai Emery went 20 games unbeaten.

After few months some players will get out of the form, some will get tired of their manager and the real trouble will start, then we will see how good man manager Thomas Tuchel is.

Final Words

Thomas Tuchel is doing a fantastic job at Chelsea, in a week, he can win his first trophy as a Chelsea manager if he manages to beat Leicester City in the FA cup final.

But to be honest, I am not impressed with his style of football, do Chelsea fans will support his style of football when the team stops winning?


Who Owns Tottenham Hotspurs?

The question I got via social media this week was who owns Tottenham Hotspurs? Actually, it is a good question for most of us at spurs things start and end with Daniel Levy. 

What I can tell you is that the ownership of Spurs is not as straightforward as many of the big clubs in England. So, who really owns Spurs?

Who Owns Tottenham Hotspurs?

Who Owns Tottenham Hotspur?

Tottenham has a number of stakeholders, and the largest of those is ENIC International Limited, a company that owns 85.55% of the club.

Daniel Levy and some of the members of his family are the beneficiaries of a trust that owns 29.4% of the share capital of ENIC International Limited.

Meanwhile, Joe Lewis owns 70.6% of ENIC International Limited.

That leaves 14.45% of the club in the hands of other shareholders but the truth is that  ENIC, which is a combination of Levy and Lewis, is the one calling the shots at Spurs.

How much is Joe Lewis worth?

Joe Lewis

Forbes estimates that Lewis is worth £5 billion. The 84-year-old is a self-made billionaire who made the bulk of his money in currency trading and through the Tavistock Group has more than 200 business interests ranging from golf to property, finance, and the hospitality industry.

What is Daniel Levy’s Job?



Daniel Levy may not be the majority shareholder of ENIC, but he is the chairman of Tottenham.

This ultimately makes him the most powerful person at the club, and he has the final say on the big decisions made at Tottenham, including sacking managers and making transfers.

How much Totenham Hotspurs worth?

According to Forbes, Tottenham Hotspur is the 10th most valuable club in the world according to a new Forbes report that estimates the worth of Europe’s biggest teams has risen on average 30% over the past two years. The North Londoners are the sixth biggest Premier League club, Forbes says, with a value of £1.67bn.

This Forbes report was published on April 2021.

I hope that answers the question of who owns Tottenham Hotspurs. Thank you for reading.

5 Reasons why Liverpool is struggling this season

It is not a secret that Liverpool is having a poor season, in December 2020 they were in the top four but now with less than 5 games to go they sit 7th in the table and I think they will miss champions league football next season.

premier league table

So why is Liverpool struggling this season? There are a lot of known and unknown factors that contributed to the red’s poor season but for me, these 5 are the main reasons why Liverpool is struggling this season.

5 Reasons why Liverpool is struggling this season

1. Lack of fans in the stadium

I know now we blame pandemic for everything that goes wrong, but this is true for Liverpool, before the lockdown last season Liverpool was unbeaten, after restarting the League they lost 3-0 to then struggling Watford.

why Liverpool is struggling

Their home form justifies this, let look at the numbers, on April 23 in 2017, Liverpool lost 2-1 to Crystal Palace at home, they went 68 games unbeaten at home in the premier league when they lost again at home on January 21 2021 to Burnley, they went and suffered 6 defeats in a row at home, reason? you guessed there were no fans to give them that extra push to wins games at home. 

According to ESPN, since the start of the pandemic, the away goals have increased by 18%, the home wins decreased by 2%, and the away wins increased by an impressive 26% this explains why some teams are struggling at home, for example, Liverpool.

I understand that this is the problem for all teams in the premier league but let be honest here most teams are intimidated to play at Anfield, but without the fans, it is not the same.

2.The injuries


Liverpool faced one of the worst seasons when it comes to injuries, they do not seem to catch a break, it is injury after another injury, there was a time all of their first-choice back 4 was out due to injuries, the injuries of the likes of Georginio Wijnaldum and Virgil van Dijk left a huge void in the first team that the reserve players could not fill.

3.Virgil van Dijk 

Before the arrival of Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool was conceding goals for fun, the arrival of the Dutchman changed that and Liverpool defense became very solid, this is a reason that when it was announced that he will miss the whole 2020-2021 season there was a fear of the worst among Liverpool fans.

They missed him a lot and I hope that when he recovers he will be able to reach the same levels again, which is very difficult to do after such a long injury.

4.The Klopp decision

After losing van Dijk and Joel Matip at center-back, Jurgen Klopp decided to use his best midfielders as center backs, for me, this was one of the worst decisions Klopp made but I understand why he did it.

He did not trust the young and inexperienced defenders to play at the back and he did not have funds to buy new defenders that is understandable but the decision made Liverpool even weaker at the midfield.

We have seen Jordan Anderson, Thiago Alcantara, Fabinho among the other playing at the back, this affected the way Liverpool recovered the ball and the way they constructed attacks.

This is what Arsene Wenger had to say about this.


5. The front three is working less well

5 Reasons why Liverpool is struggling this season

The famous Liverpool front three of Sadio Mane, Mo Salah and Firmino is not the same, Mane is lost, he looks like a guy who lacks confidence, the same can be said to Roberto Firmino, the only player who is trying is Mo Salah, but he can not do it alone.

The front three used to score many goals and even when the defense was back they could just outscore the opponent, those goals were so important in turning defeats into draws and draws into victory, but this season they seem to lack their mojo.

Final words

Those are the five reasons why Liverpool is struggling this season, it is not easy to pinpoint which one is the major factor but I think that when you have a lot of things going against you, it is very difficult to get results especially in the league as competitive as the premier league.


Why Arsenal is So Bad In 2021?

Villareal just dumped out Arsenal in the semi-final of the Europa League, as things stand right now Arsenal is not going to participate in any European competition for the first time in the last 25 years as they sit 9th in the premier league, so the question is why Arsenal is so bad?

Why Arsenal is So Bad In 2021?

Why Arsenal is So Bad In 2021?

There are many reasons that Arsenal is so bad in 2021 but for me, I think these 9 reasons contributed to the fall of Arsenal in 2021

Lack of stability at the managerial level.


When Arsene Wenger left three years ago, no one thought that three years after Arsenal could be a middle table team, they replaced him with Unai Emery.

Unai started his life as an Arsenal manager with a good string of results, but after the failure to get top 4 and the collapse in the Europa League final in Baku, he failed to recover from that and after 18 he was shown out of the door.

Most Arsenal fans did not like his football style and that was it.

After that, for few matches, Fred Lgunberg becomes the interim head coach and finally replaced by the current manager Mikel Arteta.

Three managers in three seasons it not ideal for the team like Arsenal. I know this model works good for Chelsea but at Arsenal it does not work.

Lack of experience of the manager.

After the sacking of Unai Emery, Arsenal appointed Mikel Arteta as their next permanent manager, even though I think he will become a great manager in the future, he had zero experience being a manager.

He made some mistakes so far, this is due to the lack of experience at the job, the only experience he had before taking an Arsenal job was being Pep Guardiola assistance, in my opinion, that is no good enough.

Lack of investment in the playing squad.

Arsenal squad

Not only that they appointed a rookie manager, but they also did not back him with some quality signings, the team was screaming for a creating midfielder and they did not buy one, instead they bought Thomas Partey, even though Partey is World-class he can not create and the team suffered especially in the first half of the season, we saw some improvement after the introduction of Emile Smith Rowe and coming of Martin Oderngard.

The main problem of Arsenal this time is that they can not score enough goals and in order to do that you need someone who can create chances.

Lack of accountability from the owners. 

Daniel Ek Vs kroenke

The owner of Arsenal Football Club, the KSE, seems to be watching Arsenal from far, they do not attend many Arsenal games, they do not invest in the team, and they take too long to take action, all these contribute to the team not to perform.

A lot of changes in leadership level.

I wrote about the change in managers in the last three years, also there were a lot of changes in leadership level.

After Wenger left, Ivan Gazidis jumped ship to AC Milan 6 months later, Sven Mislintat who was supposed to lead the new arsenal scouting system left after falling out with Raul Sanlehi who left few months after all these changes hindered the team development inside and outside the football stadium.

Lack of winning mentality among the players.

The current group of Arsenal players lack a winning mentality, they lack urgency during the matches and they pick which matches they will show up, this is not coaching, this is the thing that either you have it or not. 

It is ok if you have one or two players who do not give all effort during matches but when you have the 5 to 7 players it is very difficult to manage, for me only academy players seem to have the right mentality.

Lack of a clear plan.

When Arsenal appointed Mikel Arteta as their manager, I thought they will go with the young players and build for the future, but then they signed William.

You can not have both ways, yes I know that kids will lack the consistency that is why you need few senior players, but in my mind, I was thinking of having 2 to 4 players who are between 25 and 29 years and mix them with young guys was a good strategy.

I do not mind buying older players, if that what they want to do but they need to buy higher quality players that can instantly improve the team.

For me, you need a clear plan, either you buy next-generation players or you buy high-quality players not making Arsenal a retiring home.

Bad signings. 

In the past few years, Arsenal made some bad signings, who paid 35 million euros for Mustafi? Henrik Mkhityran, Sokratis, William among others.

This group of players were signed with a lot of money and contributed very small or they were signed for free and paid huge wages without having a significant contribution to the team.


Bad handling of players’ contracts.

Yes, they let Aaron Ramsey, Alexis Sachez, Mesut Ozil, Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere leave Arsenal for free.

Can you believe that all those players left Arsenal and the club received the sum of zero pounds? This is bad business.

The laughable of all is that Arsenal is still paying Mesut Ozil’s salary, seriously? I wonder why Arsenal is shit.

This money could have helped to rebuild the team, this is poor business from Arsenal.


For me, those are the reasons why Arsenal is so bad in 2021. Why do you think Arsenal is so bad? Let me know the answer in the comment section below.

Could Daniel Ek Buy Arsenal?

The announcement of the European Super League caused a lot of unrest between the football fan base and the owners of the clubs, even though most of these clubs withdrew from the supposed super league still most fans want to change at the ownership level of their clubs.

Arsenal fans protest

Could Daniel Ek Buy Arsenal?

After the announcement of the super league we have seen a lot of fans protesting and the last Friday just before Arsenal vs Everton at Emirates, we saw a cloud of estimated 3000 Arsenal fans protesting against the owners of Arsenal football club, Kroenke Sport and Entertainment (KSE).

The main aim of that protest was to send a strong message to the owner that they are not wanted by Arsenal fans and to make things worse for the owners, in the midst of this crisis some guy named Daniel Ek tweeted that he would like to put his hat in buying Arsenal.


Who is Daniel Ek?

Daniel Ek Vs kroenke

Daniel Ek is a 38-year-old Swedish billionaire entrepreneur, best known for creating Spotify with Martin Lorentzon.

According to Fox magazine, Mr. Ek is worth 4.5 billion dollars and he is putting together funds to buy Arsenal.

According to the reports Mr. Ek will present and of around 1.8 billion dollars to the owners of Arsenal Football Club, the Kroenke’s family. The bid is expected to be rejected by KSE.

Also, Mr. Ek is an Arsenal fan since he was 8 years old, being 38 now means he started supporting Arsenal in their glory days and grew up idolizing the likes of Henry, Viera, and co. 

Who is supporting Daniel Ek’s idea?

Thierry Henry, Patric Vieira, and Dennis Bergkamp. Three of Arsenal’s most famous Invincibles have joined Spotify’s billionaire founder in a £1.8 billion bid to buy the club from Stan Kroenke and have received the backing of supporter groups and high-profile fans.

What is Arsenal worth?

Arsenal, meanwhile, is currently estimated to be worth $2.8billion (£2.02bn), which is a notable increase of 23 percent over the past two years.

So the bid is a little bit low from the real value of the football club.


 The KSE response

When Mr. Ek expressed in public his desire to buy Arsenal Football Club forced the current owners to respond and their stand is clear Arsenal is not for sale. Here is KSE’s public statement.

kroenkes arsenal statement

Stan Kroenke Networth

The net worth of the current Arsenal owner is estimated to be around 8.2 billion, which is almost twice as much as Daniel Ek’s net worth.

Also, it is good to mention that Stan Kroenke’s wife, Anne Walton Kroenke is from a family that owns Walmart, and she has an estimated worth of 8.9 billion, she is richer than her husband, as a couple, they are very rich.

How likely is Daniel Ek to buy Arsenal?

For me it is very unlikely that Mr. Ek would buy Arsenal, first the opening offer is below the current value of Arsenal Football Club, I am sure he will come up with a better offer but I do not think it will be enough to make KSE sell.

Second, most part of Ek network is from owning Spotify, it estimated that he owns 9% of the shares, if he had to make a serious offer, he would have to sell most of the shares, I do not think it is a good business strategy on his part.

Third, KSE is known for not selling their asserts, they said they are not going to sell and I think for now that will be unless Mr. Ek offers a ridiculous amount of money to the 3 to 4 billion dollars.

KSE spent around 1 billion dollars to secure Arsenal, I think it will take triple that money for them to consider selling, does Daniel Ek is willing to invest that money? Time will tell.

 So what is for Arsenal now?

For now, I think Arsenal will be still under Kroenke ownership for a few more years until they get tired and decide to sell or someone is crazy enough to offer them crazy money for this big underperforming club. 

When and where is the UEFA Europa League final?

In this article, I am going to cover all you need to know about the UEFA Europa League final.

The first leg of the semi-final of the Europa league was played yesterday with Manchester United winning 6-2 against Roma and Villareal wining 2-1 against Arsenal. 

Which teams are in the Europa League 2021 final?

When and where is the UEFA Europa League final?

One of Manchester United or Roma will play either Arsenal or Villarreal in the 2021 Europa League final.

The teams that will contest the 2021 Europa League final will be confirmed on May 6, when the last semi-final games are complete.

Europa League odds

Most betting companies have Manchester United as favorites to win Europa League this season, Arsenal comes second.

I think Manchester United will beat Roma and Arsenal will turn around their defeat and beat Villareal, we will see the all-English clubs Europa League final again.

When is the Europa League final?

The Europa League final takes place on May 26.

This final will be played midweek a Wednesday at 8 pm BST (3 pm ET).

Where is the Europa League final?

The final will be held in Poland in Gdansk at the Stadion Mijeski.

It has a capacity of 41,000 and there are reports via Sky Sports that up to 10,000 fans could be allowed to attend.

Where is Gdansk?

Gdansk is a city in northern Poland that sits on the Baltic coast. It has a population of just under half a million people.

The city’s main professional football club is Lechia Gdansk, which plays in the Polish Ekstraklasa. Stadion Miejski is the home stadium of Lechia Gdansk.

Will fans attend the final?

Uefa is hopeful that up to 10,000 fans will be able to attend the game, which is just under 25 percent of the stadium’s overall capacity of 41,000.

On Thursday, the Polish government announced that as of Saturday 15 May, stadiums in Poland would be able to have a 25 percent capacity due to falling numbers of Covid-19 cases across the country.

There could be 1,900 tickets made available for supporters of each club, although it is unclear whether that allocation will be taken up due to current travel restrictions around Europe.


That is all you need to know about the UEFA Europa League final, which team do you think will win it? 

Leave your comment below, I am going for Arsenal.


How To Stay Motivated as a Soccer Athlete

When you are just starting out, playing in a minor league it is very difficult to stay motivated, that is why today I am going to show you how to stay motivated as a soccer athlete.

Motivation level then acts into how you must coach any given team or group. With lower motivation athletes, you’re becoming to need to do a little bit more “prodding” to get them going and performing at the level you would like.

These will generally be the kids that you need to work the hardest with, and there perhaps a certain level of hand-holding until they begin to see build-up and/or change.

In contrast, upper-level athletes inherently understand that doing weight training, ploys, and legerity drills will improve their performance.

These are the athletes with whom you can take a more “hands-off” access and will answer well to fine-tuning and minor coaching job accommodations.

They’ll be the best at helping you baffle a large group of athletes, and may even pick up and employ some of the coaching maneuvers you use!

Anyone who has ever had a high-motivation kid who’s also the best athlete on the team up knows what I’m talking about here.

Quite plainly, you can’t treat all levels of athletes the same. Ascertain their level of motivation and adapt your coaching style as a necessity.

Goal Setting for Soccer Athletes should be Specific

Set particular mensurable goals. If you achieve all circumstances of a measurable goal, then you are able to be convinced and easy in its achievement. 

Goals may be set unrealistically high for the following reasons:

1. Other people: others (fans, parents, media) can set unrealistic goals for you, based on what they want. Oftentimes this will be done in ignorance of your goals and training programs.

2. Deficient information: If you do not have an absolved, realistic agreement of your sport and of the methods and performance to be mastered, it is difficult to set efficient and realistic goals.

3. Always expecting your best performance: Many people base their goals on their best functioning, even so, that was farseeing.

This brushes aside the inevitable backsliding that can come about permanent reasons and ignores the factors that led to that best performance. It is better to set goals that bring up your average outperformance and make it more logical.

4. Lack of self-esteem: If you do not respect your right to rest, ease, and pleasure in life then you risk blowing out, then you can confirm it or analyze the reason for failure and accept advantageous action to improve skills.

Final words

So that is it, that is how you stay motivated as a soccer athlete, if you are yet to make a grade, keep working hard and learning and eventually your time will come.

All You Need to Know About European Super league

Yesterday 12 big European clubs released a joint press release indication their intention to form their own league that they will call European Super League.

After that announcement, most, UEFA, FIFA, TV pundits, and fans have been losing sleep and their mind, that is why I decided to write about what we know up to this moment. 

What is the European Super League?

What we know about the super league

What is the European Super League?

The Super League would be a 20-team league made up of 15 permanent members with the remaining five members of the league comprised of teams that qualified through domestic European League competition.

What are the 12 super league founding clubs

These are the 12 super league founding members.

AC Milan   From Italy 

Arsenal    From England

Atletico Madrid   From Spain

Chelsea     From England

Barcelona   From Spain

Inter Milan   From Italy 

Juventus  From Italy 

Liverpool   From England

Manchester City  From England

Manchester United From England

Real Madrid From Spain

Tottenham Hotspur From England

It anticipated that 3 more clubs will join the list of founding clubs, my guess is that those three clubs are 

Bayern Munich From German

Borussia Dortmund From german

Paris Saint Germain From France.

These three clubs are opposing the proposition but they are expected to join other big clubs.


The Format of the League

  • 20 participating clubs with 15 Founding Clubs and a qualifying mechanism for a further five teams to qualify annually based on achievements in the prior season.
  • Midweek fixtures with all participating clubs continuing to compete in their respective national leagues, preserving the traditional domestic match calendar which remains at the heart of the club game.
  • An August start with clubs participating in two groups of ten, playing home and away fixtures, with the top three in each group automatically qualifying for the quarter-finals. Teams finishing fourth and fifth will then compete in a two-legged play-off for the remaining quarter-final positions. A two-leg knockout format will be used to reach the final at the end of May, which will be staged as a single fixture at a neutral venue.

Who will fund the super league?

According to Yahoo Finance, JPMorgan Chase (JPM), the American financial company, is behind the financing of the European Super League. Funding for the new competition is said to total between $3.8bn (£2.7bn) and $5bn.

Will super league affect domestic leagues?

The original plan of the super league is to play mid-week and leave weekends for the domestic leagues, in the statement they call it a fundamental of club football.

But in terms of quality, it will affect domestic leagues, since the economic gap between the top clubs and small clubs will be even huge, and basically the founding clubs will not have to qualify for the super leaguer, the qualification is automatic, this will reduce the competitiveness of the domestic leagues.

The leadership team

The leadership team will be composed of a chairman and 4 vice-chairmen.


Fiorentino Perez From Real Madrid

Vice chairmen

Joel Glazel From Manchester United

John Henry From Liverpool

Stan Kroenke From Arsenal

Andrea Agnelli From Juventus


There are reactions from everywhere fans, FIFA, UEFA, Football Associations.


Most fans are outraged by the decision, being a soccer fan myself I understand that, this league is monopolizing soccer and it is not good for football in general.

Soccer Pundits

Most of there are hypocrites, they work in organizations that do the same thing, not long time ago Sky Sports wanted to charge fans 15 pounds to watch one soccer game on TV, not per week or per month one soccer game and they said nothing.

These companies change schedules and arrange games in difficult times without the consideration of the fans, today they want us to believe they are fighting for the funs, not true they are just trying to protect their companies’ pockets.


Soccer associations are considering kicking out all clubs that will participate in domestic leagues, and FIFA and UEFA will ban players who participate in these competitions from any national competitions, including the EUROS and the world cup.

Kicking out big teams from domestic leagues or banning big players from participating in Euros and the world cup will only reduce the amount of sponsorship and views, this will affect their income, for me, it is a very bad move.

These organization there are not fighting for the fan, they are fighting for the money in their pockets that now is going to different pockets.

Final words

That is all we know for now about the European Super League. I will publish more information about this when we know more, thank you for reading.