Copa America 2021-All You Need To Know

This summer will we be able to watch a lot of soccer, we have the Euro 2020, the Olympics soccer tournament, and the Copa America 2021. So let take a look at Copa America 2021.
Copa America 2021-All You Need To Know

Where Copa America 2021 will be played?

In the last week, we have seen three changes, originally it was planned that Colombia would host the tournament, but due to political instability in the country it was moved to Argentina, but the coronavirus situation is getting worse, so it was decided that Brazil will host it. 

So the short answer is Brazil will host the Copa America 2021.

How the change of the host was received in South America?

The news was received with mixed emotions, but most of the fans are against the decision, first because it is believed that the coronavirus situation in Brazil is worse than in Argentina so it will be difficult to travel there.

Some fans think that this is a move that will benefit Brazil and there is a conspiracy theory that the CONMEBOL is actually helping Brazil.

Inside Brazil also there are some fans and journalists that oppose the idea, they think the country should be focused on buying Covid-9 vaccines and not using taxpayer’s money to invest in football, it is chaotic right now.

How many teams in Copa America 2021?

10 teams will be competing for Copa America. Brazil will be joined by the national sides of Argentine and Colombia despite their respective nations being unable to stage fixtures. Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

They are divided into two groups.

group AGroup B

Is Mexico playing in Copa America 2021?

No, Mexico is not going to participate in this year’s tournament. Mexico has been the most regular invitee, competing in ten consecutive Copas from 1993 to 2016. However, they did not play in the 2019 edition and are not scheduled to play in 2021.

When the Tournament will start?

Conmebol announced that the Copa America 2021 will be played on the stipulated dates. Thus, the opening match will be on June 13 and the final on July 10.

That is what I know about Copa America so far, there are rumors that they might change the hosting nation again, some people even suggesting that the USA could host the tournament, personally, I do not think that will be possible due to the time left between now and the start of the tournament.

Also, there is a chance that CONMEBOL could cancel the tournament, I do not think they will do that, this is because they used a lot of money, and canceling it at this stage will hurt them financially, so unless it is impossible to play, they will not cancel.

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