Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still the right leader for Man United?

It is a little bit more than two years since Manchester United appointed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as their permanent manager, in that period he managed to get them 4 semifinals, One final (lost all of them),  third place and second place in the Premier League.

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still the right leader for Man United?

On the surface, he did well for them, even though he is yet to win a trophy, despite doing what we can agree to to the fact that he is doing a good job, but always there is a question mark about his ability to take Manchester United forward, ie winning big trophies for them.

He can not deliver in big occasions

When facing bigger teams or in the late states of competition, always Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will play a defensive game, it is like a man who is afraid to lose or does not trust his players.

His team struggles when playing the traditional big English clubs, most of the time he will set his team to defend and hoping to catch the opponent in the break.

For me, it is not a bad tactic, but most of my friends who are Manchester United fans disagree, they want their team to play in the front foot all the time.

Wrong substitutions

Another area where Ole comes short is when it comes to substitutions. It seems like he has a set of players that he will never take them out no matter how they perform.

Also most of the time he takes a longer time to make a change and this has const Manchester United matches, the recent example is the final of the Europa League when he made the first substation after 100 minutes of the game.

When they scored a goal to make it 1-1 he could have changed things and capitalize the momentum and win the game, but let everything too late and he paid for that when his team lost in the penalties.

The Van De Beek situation

Manchester United signed Don Van De Beek from Ajax last summer, this transfer excited most of the United fans but he never got a real chance to prove himself under Ole.

They used around 35 million pounds to sign this guy and they do not use him, either it was not his signing which shows his weakness or it was his signing which shows the lack of judgment. Either way, it reflects badly in him.

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still the right leader for Man United?

No, for me he is out of his depth. I have seen him lost in the touchline, he looks lost and I  do not think he has the ability to deliver big trophies to the Manchester United team.

Should Man United sack Solskjaer? 

No, you can not sack a manager who just took you to the European final and finished second in the league.

Even though they finished far behind their city rivals, and they had many bad games last season, they should give him a chance, at least one season more to prove himself.




  1. Give the man time, for God’s sake.

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