What is the Europa Conference League?

With all first places in the premier league confirmed, and Leicester winning the FA cup, this means the Premier League’s seventh-placed team will qualify for the Europa Conference League next season.

UEFA Europa Conference League will be the third UEFA club competition and run alongside both the Champions League and Europa League

What is it?

The UEFA Europa Conference League will be the third UEFA club competition and run alongside both the Champions League and Europa League.

Who qualifies for it?

In simple terms, it’s the teams who would have entered the Europa League at the preliminary round and first and second qualifying rounds.
I mean most of those teams could not even make the Europa League group stage, I never can pronounce 90% of them.

What do the winners get?

The winner will gain a place in the following season’s UEFA Europa League group stage if they have not qualified for the UEFA Champions League via their domestic competition.

Basically, if you win a mediocre tournament, you get a chance to get into another mediocre tournament.

Why is it being introduced?

The new structure for UEFA club competitions will ensure that at least 34 UEFA national associations are represented in the group stage of one or more competitions.

Where will the UEFA Europa Conference League final be played?

Teams will head to the National Arena in Tirana, Albania, on Wednesday, May 24. The stadium has a capacity of just 21,690.

Will teams drop down from Champions League and Europa League?

Yes, as follows:

Second qualifying round: 20 losers from Champions League qualifying enter.
Playoff round: 8 losers from Europa League third-qualifying round enter.
Group stage: 10 losers from the Europa League playoff round enter.
Knockout stage: 8 third-placed teams from Europa League groups enter.

My Opinion

I spoke with a lot of funs especially from premier league teams, none of them want their team to be in this conference league.

I was chatting with some Arsenal fans, some of them want their team to lose tomorrow so that they can avoid this competition.

The reality is most teams in this competition are of very low quality, and this will not benefit bigger teams participating in it, also there are travel logistics, quality of stadiums, and safety issues, all these distractions will hinder the progress in respective leagues.

The money teams get in participating in the Champions League group stage is bigger than the money that gets the Europa League winner, imagine the money that will get the conference league winner, I do not think it worth the trouble.



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