What is the role of a Goalkeeper in Soccer

We all know that in each soccer team someone must play as a goalkeeper. Do you know what is the role of a goalkeeper in soccer? in this article I am going to discuss the role of the goalkeeper in soccer.

the role of a goalkeeper in soccer

The role of a goalkeeper in soccer

The goalkeeper is the one player that has the very difficult role that is solely dedicated to keeping the opposing team from successfully scoring any goals.

Being on guard at the goal area, the goalkeeper is allowed to use both hands and legs to stop any balls from entering the goal area and thus scoring a point for the opposing team.

Characteristics of a good goalkeeper

Ideally, goalkeepers should be well built and agile in movements. Being alert and able to read the body movements of the players is also something goalkeepers are directed to master.

Most goalkeepers stay close to the goal area and depend on the defenders to help is keeping the ball maneuvered by the opposing team from successfully reaching the scoring area.

Ideally, the more experienced the goalkeeper the better the skills portrayed, and this usually means they are older than the other members of the team.

Most goalkeepers have a set stance and body position that they adopt when focusing on stopping the ball from getting into the goal post area.

This stance would ideally be, standing with hands at the side with palms facing the anticipated direction the incoming ball is going to take.

The feet would be placed as firmly as possible without actually being wider than the width of the shoulders and finally the low positioning of the body in a semi crouched position with the center of gravity providing a stable stance and weight distribution, the goalkeeper would be ready to stop the ball from finding its target.

Some of the catches the goalkeeper should be trained in executing would be such as the diamond or W catch, the chest catch, the scoop catch, the full extension dive, the cross catch, and the high cross catch. With regular practice and experience, the talented goalkeeper would have no problems exercising a high level of competency.

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