Why Are Soccer Balls Black And White?

We all like to watch a soccer game either by going to the stadium or catching it on TV, this does not matter. But what about the soccer ball? Have you ever wondered WHY are the soccer balls black and white?

The history of Soccer balls

The game of soccer or football as it is known in some parts of the world can be traced back to around 200 BC, and back then, players usually kicked around an inflated animal bladder or stomach, usually covered in leather.

Around 1844, Charles Goodyear (the investor of Goodyear tires)  started making balls from vulcanized rubber with internal, plastic bladders replacing animal organs.

Soccer ball colors at this time spanned the spectrum from light brown to dark brown; not exactly mind-blowing. Eventually, they started being dyed white.

When black and white soccer ball first used?

At this time and up until the 1970s, black and white televisions were more popular than color TVs because the color TVs we still have are still too expensive for most people. This means that most people watch football matches on a black and white screen.

Watching soccer games on black and white screens made it very difficult to track so Adidas had to come up with a new ball design which was black and white and they called it Telstar, this ball was used for the first time in the 1970 FIFA World Cup in Mexico

Why are soccer balls black and white?

Why Are Soccer Balls Black And White?

The reason the soccer ball is black and white is to make it easier to see on a black and white television screen. The contrast between black and white makes it easy for onlookers to follow the path of the ball as it moves around the field.

Also, some people believed that black and white balls helped players to be able to track the trajectory of the ball after hitting them ( as it was easier to see how the ball was moving), this helped them to practice how to hit the balls better and this led to some players becoming very good at dead balls ( free kicks, penalties, corners, and fouls).

Modern  soccer balls

Due to the advance in technology and now everyone has color tv, soccer balls have evolved substantially from the classic black and white soccer balls of the 70s.

These days soccer balls are manufactured in a variety of intricate designs and a combination of vibrant colors.

Even with the evolution of soccer balls, brands still continue to pay homage to the icon, by applying a modern take to the classic black and white soccer ball designs of the past.

Final words

I hope this article has answered any questions you had about the reason why are soccer balls black and white. Thank you for reading.


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