Why Arsenal is So Bad In 2021?

Villareal just dumped out Arsenal in the semi-final of the Europa League, as things stand right now Arsenal is not going to participate in any European competition for the first time in the last 25 years as they sit 9th in the premier league, so the question is why Arsenal is so bad?

Why Arsenal is So Bad In 2021?

Why Arsenal is So Bad In 2021?

There are many reasons that Arsenal is so bad in 2021 but for me, I think these 9 reasons contributed to the fall of Arsenal in 2021

Lack of stability at the managerial level.


When Arsene Wenger left three years ago, no one thought that three years after Arsenal could be a middle table team, they replaced him with Unai Emery.

Unai started his life as an Arsenal manager with a good string of results, but after the failure to get top 4 and the collapse in the Europa League final in Baku, he failed to recover from that and after 18 he was shown out of the door.

Most Arsenal fans did not like his football style and that was it.

After that, for few matches, Fred Lgunberg becomes the interim head coach and finally replaced by the current manager Mikel Arteta.

Three managers in three seasons it not ideal for the team like Arsenal. I know this model works good for Chelsea but at Arsenal it does not work.

Lack of experience of the manager.

After the sacking of Unai Emery, Arsenal appointed Mikel Arteta as their next permanent manager, even though I think he will become a great manager in the future, he had zero experience being a manager.

He made some mistakes so far, this is due to the lack of experience at the job, the only experience he had before taking an Arsenal job was being Pep Guardiola assistance, in my opinion, that is no good enough.

Lack of investment in the playing squad.

Arsenal squad

Not only that they appointed a rookie manager, but they also did not back him with some quality signings, the team was screaming for a creating midfielder and they did not buy one, instead they bought Thomas Partey, even though Partey is World-class he can not create and the team suffered especially in the first half of the season, we saw some improvement after the introduction of Emile Smith Rowe and coming of Martin Oderngard.

The main problem of Arsenal this time is that they can not score enough goals and in order to do that you need someone who can create chances.

Lack of accountability from the owners. 

Daniel Ek Vs kroenke

The owner of Arsenal Football Club, the KSE, seems to be watching Arsenal from far, they do not attend many Arsenal games, they do not invest in the team, and they take too long to take action, all these contribute to the team not to perform.

A lot of changes in leadership level.

I wrote about the change in managers in the last three years, also there were a lot of changes in leadership level.

After Wenger left, Ivan Gazidis jumped ship to AC Milan 6 months later, Sven Mislintat who was supposed to lead the new arsenal scouting system left after falling out with Raul Sanlehi who left few months after all these changes hindered the team development inside and outside the football stadium.

Lack of winning mentality among the players.

The current group of Arsenal players lack a winning mentality, they lack urgency during the matches and they pick which matches they will show up, this is not coaching, this is the thing that either you have it or not. 

It is ok if you have one or two players who do not give all effort during matches but when you have the 5 to 7 players it is very difficult to manage, for me only academy players seem to have the right mentality.

Lack of a clear plan.

When Arsenal appointed Mikel Arteta as their manager, I thought they will go with the young players and build for the future, but then they signed William.

You can not have both ways, yes I know that kids will lack the consistency that is why you need few senior players, but in my mind, I was thinking of having 2 to 4 players who are between 25 and 29 years and mix them with young guys was a good strategy.

I do not mind buying older players, if that what they want to do but they need to buy higher quality players that can instantly improve the team.

For me, you need a clear plan, either you buy next-generation players or you buy high-quality players not making Arsenal a retiring home.

Bad signings. 

In the past few years, Arsenal made some bad signings, who paid 35 million euros for Mustafi? Henrik Mkhityran, Sokratis, William among others.

This group of players were signed with a lot of money and contributed very small or they were signed for free and paid huge wages without having a significant contribution to the team.


Bad handling of players’ contracts.

Yes, they let Aaron Ramsey, Alexis Sachez, Mesut Ozil, Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere leave Arsenal for free.

Can you believe that all those players left Arsenal and the club received the sum of zero pounds? This is bad business.

The laughable of all is that Arsenal is still paying Mesut Ozil’s salary, seriously? I wonder why Arsenal is shit.

This money could have helped to rebuild the team, this is poor business from Arsenal.


For me, those are the reasons why Arsenal is so bad in 2021. Why do you think Arsenal is so bad? Let me know the answer in the comment section below.

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