Why Chelsea Improved Under Thomas Tuchel

Since Thomas Tuchel took charge at Chelsea, the team has improved a lot, they are in the final of champions league after beating Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, they in the FA cup final after beating Manchester City (by the way they have beaten them twice already under Tuchel and they are in course of making top 4 which seems impossible few months ago.

Why Chelsea Improved Under Thomas Tuchel

Five reasons why Chelsea has improved a lot under Thomas Tuchel.

So these are my five reasons why Chelsea has improved a lot under Thomas Tuchel.

1. Improved defense

One of the improvements the german has made to this Chelsea side is that they are solid at the back, they are playing as a unit and they are very organized as a result they concede few goals.

Using three center backs in the 3-4-3 has worked wonder for Tuchel, this is not the first time Chelsea has done that, I remember them using the same system under Antonio Conte and they managed to win the premier league with the same system, how long it will take for other teams to find the workaround it? I do not know but for now, it is working.

2. The role of Kante

Ngolo Kante

Most people consider Ngolo Kante as a defensive midfielder, but when Mauricio Sarri went to Chelsea, he started playing him a little bit further.

Tuchel plays Kante in the same position that he used to play under Sarri and it is fair to say that the player has gone one step up in this game. 

I watched him play in the two Chelsea games in the semifinal against Real Madrid, he controlled that game, he made one of the best midfield units in Europe look very average, he was a man of the match in both games.

His improvement has made this Chelsea side a better team.

3. Clear game plan

One of the most frustrating things about Frank Lampard’s Chelsea was a lack of a plan, some time I was watching the game and struggling to see exactly what they are trying to do.

Under Tuchel, Chelsea has a game plan, you can see a play pattern and every player seems to know what is their role in the game.

4. Consistency

They say that consistency is the key to any success, Frank Lampard used to chop and change a lot of his starting lineup and formation, this led to confusion among the players.

This seems to disappear under Tuchel again every player seems to know their role, also I hear that even players that are not playing at the moment know exactly why they are not being picked and what the coaching staff is expecting from them.

5. The new manager bounce

When there is a new manager in town players tend to react and play better, I remember when Ole Gunner was at the wheel, or when Arsenal thought they were going to win the league when Unai Emery went 20 games unbeaten.

After few months some players will get out of the form, some will get tired of their manager and the real trouble will start, then we will see how good man manager Thomas Tuchel is.

Final Words

Thomas Tuchel is doing a fantastic job at Chelsea, in a week, he can win his first trophy as a Chelsea manager if he manages to beat Leicester City in the FA cup final.

But to be honest, I am not impressed with his style of football, do Chelsea fans will support his style of football when the team stops winning?


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