Why do Manchester United fans hate the Glazer family?

We have seen Manchester United fans protesting against owners, the protest was so big as it caused their match against Liverpool to be suspended.

Last week’s protest was not the first fan protest against the owner, Some Manchester United fans opposed Glazer’s takeover of the club, particularly once they realized the level of debt that the club would have to take on after having been debt-free for so many years

In this post, I am going to look at why do manchester United fans hate the Glazer famililly.

Why do Manchester United fans hate the Glazer family?

Bought the club under debt

When the Glazer family took over United they did so with loans and hedge funds – a leveraged takeover. They didn’t actually put their hands into their own pockets to complete the purchase.

From a financial point of view, Glazers are smart. Imagine you buying a house but in order to pay the house you get a loan from the bank, and you rent that house to other people you collect the rent, use that rent to pay your monthly loan payment and the extra money you put in your pocket, that is smart.

But when you look at fans’ point of view they put the club under an unnecessary loan.

Season ticket hikes

Immediately after taking over, the Glazers made a habit of hiking the season ticket prices every season. Given the aforementioned information, it probably comes as no real surprise. They wanted to pay the debt.

Broken promises

When the Glazers took the club, they promised the fans to put a lot of money into the club, they did the opposite, the reports indicate that they have taken more than 1 billion dollars out of the club.

There is a small investment in the academy and the playing field, no maintenance of Old Trafford, all these broken promised made the relationship between the Glazers and the Manchester United fans worse.

Lack of football knowledge

Ed Woodward

One of the complaints from Manchester United fans is that there no football people at the board level.

There’s actually no denying that Ed Woodward is good on the money side of the business, he managed to get the best deal for the club. But when it comes to football, I am not sure.

This comes back to the fact the Glazers, and Woodward, are not football fans. Would the club be in the position it is now with a clever businessman born and raised in Stretford in charge? Almost certainly not.

European Super League

What is the European Super League?

Manchester United was one of the founders of the super league, even though the owners have withdrawn from it and issued an apology, most united fans are still angry about the issue, and for them, this was the last straw and they want the Glazers out.

Final words

Manchester United fans have the right to voice their opinion and discontent against their owners, but the owners will listen and sell the club? Even if they sell the club how the next owner will be, for me changing the ownership from one Billionaire to another is not the simplest solution.

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